Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama porkulus money not going to places that need it the most

A new AP article reported they have been tracking where Obama's porkulus money is going. It's not going to counties that need it the most. The highest amount of money is going to counties with the lowest unemployment rate. It's because the Obama tax-cheater administration has a requirement that jobs must be shovel-ready to receive the porkulus money. However the counties with the highest unemployment, just happen to be the counties that were cash-strapped in the first place, so they did not have projects planned like other counties with almost full employment. Once again another Obama plan has failed.

One fault I found in the AP article was where it said, "Obama kept his promise to Elkhart, which so far is expected to receive $13.7 million, and Peoria, which should receive at least $10.6 million."

However the money coming here to Elkhart is going to projects that make no sense whatsoever. They are going to repave a runway at the Elkhart airport to the tune of $4 million that was just paved 10 years ago. This minor airport has no commercial carriers, so basically it will benefit the rich, which we've always been told that the Democrats are for the poor. No new jobs will be created. More money will be used to buy up abandon foreclosed homes in Elkhart. I haven't really figured out how that will do anything for the job situation. I suppose a few jobs might be saved because people will be needed to fix up these homes, then when they are done, those homes will sit empty since there is no market for homes in Elkhart. The city would have to give these homes away and they say they want to make money on them.

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