Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama admin. thinks they know what is wrong or right for the Republican part

They have open disarray in the Democrats over Pelosi, and over the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prion, yet the Obama administration seems to know what is best for the Republicans. However what they are trying to do is water down Republicans more, and the press goes along with it. Poll after poll showed that the addition of Palin to McCain's campaign only helped him win votes, yet the liberal press (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, most newspapers, NPR) says it hurt him. Hmmm, somebody's scared about 2012. Here the latest:

Obama's Chief of Staff, who most Obama voters don't know the name of, Rahm Emanuel said that when Dick Cheney spoke this week after Obama's nonsensical speech, it showed disarray within the Republican party because most Republicans would have rather had someone else speak for them. Emanuel said that the Republicans would have rather had someone "Picked out of a hat" instead of Cheney.

Thanks Rahmbo. Why don't you check that board in your eye first you dimtwit.

And in other stuff, in a sure sign of Democratic party disarray, by 90-6, the senate voted to strip the spending out of the budget to close Guantanamo Bay prison. The reason is, Obama wants to integrate those prisoners into our country. If they are found not guilty by U.S. courts, they will be likely allowed to remain here as a political prisoner, as most of the countries they came from do not want them back and several, like China, said they cannot come back.

Now understand that most of these prisoners are there probably for circumstantial evidence. That doesn't mean they are not guilty. It just means it would be hard to prove their guilt. Ask anyone that's been to prison if they were guilty. Even the convicted ones will never admit guilt. If anyone is putting the country at risk it's Obama.

Ask any Muslim this question: Once you are a Muslim, what do Muslims believe about you? Do they believe that you are Muslim forever? Obama's is not a Muslim. However he's not a Christian either. You can't sit in a church like 'Rev. Wrights for 20 years and think you are. Obama has no religion. He thinks its OK if a baby is alive after an abortion, to not give it medical care to keep it alive. He's OK with just letting a living human being lie there to die! NO JOKE. He voted not to require abortion doctors to get those babies medical care! SICK! WWJD

Anyway, the Muslim's love him because they think he's a Muslim. He's not, but they believe once a Muslim, forever a Muslim. And to believe he was never Muslim as a kid, is to believe he is against abortion. His step-father said he was Muslim proven by the release of his school application in Indonesia he filled out. It said Religion:Muslim right on the application.

So he goes to Egypt next week to make a speech to the Muslims. Hmmm. He's going to a country that has as much smarts as him. Egypt is killing ever pig in their country to stop swine flu, a flu that you cannot get from a pig. A pig can get it from you, so Egypt should kill their people if they are serious. However they are only killing the pigs to inflame Christians in their country as pigs are only eaten and raised by non-Muslims, which happen to usually be Christians.

Trust me people. Obama may be smart politically, but he's as dumb as a board otherwise. Just listening to him speak without his teleprompter is like listening to a third grader give a speech for the very first time. So many ahs, umms and other nonesense. It's no wonder his grade transcripts have been locked away by him.

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