Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Lies again.

Nancy Pelosi, under fire because the CIA released notes that she knew waterboarding was used, now is saying she didn't know, and the CIA is lying. The CIA has given proof of her knowledge, now it's up to her to prove she didn't know. Her mind has been going for years so that won't help her.

She claims that the Democrats tried to stop waterboarding. Wait a minute! I thought she said she didn't know anything about use of waterboarding, and then she turns right around and says the Democrats tried to stop waterboard. You can't have both!

Isn't it interesting that waterboarding wasn't banned until Obama took office? If the Democrats were so against waterboarding, why didn't they ban it 2 years ago when they took over the majority in both houses of congress?

One thing you can always count on from a Democrat in office, is lies that are obvious. They get away with it because of the media love with the Democrat party. If the MSM reported 100% of what the Democrats did, there wouldn't be many in congress, let alone having an know-nothing president.

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