Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama helped filibuster Judge Alito's confirmation, but doesn't want same for his nominee.

As a senator, Obama supported the failed Democrat's filibuster against the confirmation of Bush's nominee, Judge Alito.

Now, he says, "What I hope is that we can avoid the political posturing and ideological brinksmanship that has bogged down this process, and Congress, in the past."

So he is saying, don't do what I did. Why would he say that? Because it's wrong? I guess he's not so smart after all, huh?

He also said, "her record makes clear that she is fair, unbiased and dedicated to the rule of law."
But his judge said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."

Yep, that's fair and unbiased!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama, the genius

Obama, the smartest president since..., uh, since..., well, you know, just happened to be visiting a Burger King, apparently to get a security briefing there. I didn't know they had a security briefing meal.

Anyway, he asks a man that was visiting BK:

Obama: What do you do Walter?
Walter: I work at, uh, NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Obama: Outstanding, how long you been doing that?
Walter: About six years
Obama: Yea?
Walter: Yes.
Obama: You like it?
Walter: I do, keeps me...
Obama: So explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial...uh...
Walter: Uh, we work with, uh, satellite imagery..
Obama: Right
Walter: [unintelligible] systems, so...
Obama: Sounds like good work.
Walter: Enjoy the weekend.
Obama: Appreciate it.

According to the Defense Department:

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is a Department of Defense combat support agency and a member of the national Intelligence Community (IC). NGA develops imagery and map-based intelligence solutions for U.S. national defense, homeland security and safety of navigation.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A new website

On NPR they listed a website,, and you can search for specific stimulus projects.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama admin. thinks they know what is wrong or right for the Republican part

They have open disarray in the Democrats over Pelosi, and over the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prion, yet the Obama administration seems to know what is best for the Republicans. However what they are trying to do is water down Republicans more, and the press goes along with it. Poll after poll showed that the addition of Palin to McCain's campaign only helped him win votes, yet the liberal press (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, most newspapers, NPR) says it hurt him. Hmmm, somebody's scared about 2012. Here the latest:

Obama's Chief of Staff, who most Obama voters don't know the name of, Rahm Emanuel said that when Dick Cheney spoke this week after Obama's nonsensical speech, it showed disarray within the Republican party because most Republicans would have rather had someone else speak for them. Emanuel said that the Republicans would have rather had someone "Picked out of a hat" instead of Cheney.

Thanks Rahmbo. Why don't you check that board in your eye first you dimtwit.

And in other stuff, in a sure sign of Democratic party disarray, by 90-6, the senate voted to strip the spending out of the budget to close Guantanamo Bay prison. The reason is, Obama wants to integrate those prisoners into our country. If they are found not guilty by U.S. courts, they will be likely allowed to remain here as a political prisoner, as most of the countries they came from do not want them back and several, like China, said they cannot come back.

Now understand that most of these prisoners are there probably for circumstantial evidence. That doesn't mean they are not guilty. It just means it would be hard to prove their guilt. Ask anyone that's been to prison if they were guilty. Even the convicted ones will never admit guilt. If anyone is putting the country at risk it's Obama.

Ask any Muslim this question: Once you are a Muslim, what do Muslims believe about you? Do they believe that you are Muslim forever? Obama's is not a Muslim. However he's not a Christian either. You can't sit in a church like 'Rev. Wrights for 20 years and think you are. Obama has no religion. He thinks its OK if a baby is alive after an abortion, to not give it medical care to keep it alive. He's OK with just letting a living human being lie there to die! NO JOKE. He voted not to require abortion doctors to get those babies medical care! SICK! WWJD

Anyway, the Muslim's love him because they think he's a Muslim. He's not, but they believe once a Muslim, forever a Muslim. And to believe he was never Muslim as a kid, is to believe he is against abortion. His step-father said he was Muslim proven by the release of his school application in Indonesia he filled out. It said Religion:Muslim right on the application.

So he goes to Egypt next week to make a speech to the Muslims. Hmmm. He's going to a country that has as much smarts as him. Egypt is killing ever pig in their country to stop swine flu, a flu that you cannot get from a pig. A pig can get it from you, so Egypt should kill their people if they are serious. However they are only killing the pigs to inflame Christians in their country as pigs are only eaten and raised by non-Muslims, which happen to usually be Christians.

Trust me people. Obama may be smart politically, but he's as dumb as a board otherwise. Just listening to him speak without his teleprompter is like listening to a third grader give a speech for the very first time. So many ahs, umms and other nonesense. It's no wonder his grade transcripts have been locked away by him.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Genius Obama flubs name of his own defense chief

The Smart One, BO, flubbed again. He mentioned hsi defense chief by the name of "William Gates." Maybe he is smart. So was the Rain Man, for a few things.

(BTW, it's Bob Gates, or Robert Gates, but he says he goes by Bob.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, there he goes again!

Biden said yesterday that he came under fire when visiting Bosnia in 1993. Funny how he's never mentioned this before, and all of a sudden decided to reveal it while visiting Serajevo.

Remember that while campaigning, The gaffy monster said his helecopter was forced down by enemy fire (or was that friendly?) and when pressed on it, he said, "I was near where a shot landed."

There you go again Joe. This wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't the V.P. of the great U.S. Don't forget our illustrious president that is so smart and "probably the smartest president" ever and "likely a genius," picked this bozo as his running mate.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama for the poor, by raising car prices by an averageof $1300

Obama is raising fuel efficiencies standards to combat human caused global warming, which except for the non-scientist Al Gore, all other scientists know to be a hoax. This is just another way to control us.

Obama claims you will save $2800 in fuel costs over the life of the car. So when you compare cars, do you look into how much you would save buying one or the other? Or do you buy a car because it looks good or has what you need?

Just remember who was working for you in the 2010 and 2012 elections. Was it the Democrats, who forced prices of everything higher? Who was it that tripled the budget deficit in 3 months, claiming that his first 100 days were great? Remember when you vote. Remember who, by his voting record, has shown he has no problem with completely open abortions, done for any reason, at any time before actual birth. Remember who called Sarah Palin a pig in lipstick. Remember who bowed to a Saudi King. Remember who gave the queen of England an Ipod loaded with his speeches. Remember who got no help for the escalating war in Afghanistan. Remember who hired multiple lobbyists to his administration, when he promised not to. Remember who nominated tax-dodgers to his administration. Remember who is supposed to be the smartest president, and after 100 days had made more mistakes than any previous president did in 8 years.

And worst of all, Joe Biden. This man couldn't get elected on his own. Polling shows that Biden didn't help Obama win by even 1 vote. Some moderates didn't vote for him because of Biden. However when Sarah Palin was brought on board the McCain campaign, his poll numbers beat out Obama's for the first time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

V.P. Biden, to be tried for treason

Well, he should be. Today, Biden revealed the existence of a top secret bunker under the V.P.'s residence at the Navel Observatory where the V.P. would go in case of attack.

How many times did we hear the loosy lefties call for charges against the Bush administration people for revealing that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA? (of course they did not do that. She was not a covert agent and even admits that when she worked undercover, she used her real name. Does that sound like a covert agent?)

Biden needs to step down, or be tried for treason now. However the MSM will let it pass again, and I can guarantee we will hear nothing on the regular TV news, or CNN, or MSNBC, or ....

Arrests of those in opposition of Obama at ND

Admittedly, I never really followed court proceedings about abortion, cause I figured, why should I, it's wrong. When I saw that Norma McCorvey was arrested today opposing Obama's stance on abortion, I decided to look up her story as I did know she was Roe in Roe v. Wade and changed to pro-life a few years later.

What I didn't know was that she was used as a pawn by 2 lawyers named Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee.

Besides coming to her senses about abortion, she also was cured of being a lesbian. Funny that we don't hear about this stuff from the pervert loving press.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

David Axelrod on NPR

David Axelrod, the #1 Obama advisor was on NPR. He decided to show again, what pigs some Democrats are, especially the ones in the whitehouse. This guy should be fired yesterday.

Finally, there was the conversation weaving between, of all things, Miss California U.S.A. Carrie Prejean, the same-sex marriage opponent who the panel had already mocked at length, and Bo, the Obama family’s Portuguese water dog.

When Mr. Axelrod was asked how involved he was in the selection of Bo, he jokingly answered that he “only got called in for the final three.”

But as Mr. Axelrod was trying to set the record straight – he actually was not consulted – Mr. Sagal asked about the two runner-ups.

“One was Miss California,” Mr. Axelrod cracked to the audience’s laughter.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe Obama's radical pro-abortion stance is helping us.

Gallup, who has polled people about abortion since 1995. For the first time, more than half of the people polled call themselves pro-life. 51% is the number.

Did you notice this anywhere in the press? Keep an eye out and see who reports it. I am 100% sure it will not be on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN tonight.

We need to keep up the good work we've been doing. When I find out someone that claims to be a Christian is "pro-choice" I tend to ask them several questions, the main one being have they ever watched an abortion being performed. A very gruesome video of an abortion can be watched here. I ask them if they know that for every baby there is many parents waiting for them, even if the baby is disabled. Do they know that many couples are going out of country to adopt a baby because it is so difficult to find a new baby to adopt in the US. I have also asked them to ask their children under 10 what they think about abortion. I tend to think that there are very few kids that think aborting a baby would be the right thing.

From Newsbusters,

To refresh, examples of Obama's appalling abortion-supporting record, campaign statements, campaign promises, and campaign tactics up to his election included the following (Sources - Princeton Professor Robert P. George’s Public Discourse essays, “Obama’s Abortion Extremism” and “Obama and Infanticide,” excerpting with some paraphrasing from what was assembled in this brilliant post at Pro Ecclesia, who also excerpted from George):

  • Obama expressed support for legislation that would repeal the Hyde Amendment, which protects pro-life citizens from having to pay for abortions, and which has been credited with saving over a million lives.
  • Obama, unlike even many allegedly "pro-choice" legislators, opposed the ban on partial-birth abortions when he served in the Illinois legislature and condemned the Supreme Court decision that upheld legislation banning this heinous practice.
  • On the campaign trail, Obama referred to a baby conceived inadvertently by a young woman as a “punishment” that she should not have to endure.
  • Obama has stated that women’s equality requires access to abortion on demand.
  • Obama, despite the urging of pro-life members of his own party, did not and has not endorsed or offered support for the Pregnant Women Support Act, the signature bill of Democrats for Life, meant to reduce abortions by providing assistance for women facing crisis pregnancies.
  • Obama, as an Illinois state senator, opposed legislation to protect children who are born alive, either as a result of an abortionist’s unsuccessful effort to kill them in the womb, or by the deliberate delivery of the baby prior to viability. The Obama campaign lied about his vote until critics produced documentary proof of what he had done. In fact, Obama continued to lie about his inhuman voting record in regard to the Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, and even stooped so low as to run a disgusting television ad attacking the disabled survivor of a botched abortion.

A complete compilation of Obama's complete abortion-supporting record during transition and since his inauguration up to May 11 is here at Lowlights include:

  • January 23, 2009 - Forces taxpayers to fund pro-abortion groups that either promote or perform abortions in other nations. Decison to overturn Mexico City Policy sends part of $457 million to pro-abortion organizations.
  • February 27, 2009 - Starts the process of overturning pro-life conscience protections President Bush put in place to make sure medical staff and centers are not forced to do abortions.
  • March 9, 2009 - Obama signed an executive order forcing taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research.
  • March 11, 2009 - Obama signed an executive order establishing a new agency within his administration known as the White House Council on Women and Girls. Obama's director of public liaison at the White House, Tina Tchen, an abortion advocate, became director of it.
  • March 11, 2009 - Obama administration promotes an unlimited right to abortion at a United Nations meeting.
  • March 17, 2009 - Obama makes his first judicial appointment and names pro-abortion federal Judge David Hamilton to serve on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • March 26 - President Obama announced $50 million for the UNFPA, the UN population agency that has been criticized for promoting abortion and working closely with Chinese population control officials who use forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations.
  • April 23 - Refused to appeal a ruling requiring the FDA to allow 17-year-old girls to purchase the morning after pill without either a doctor visit or parental involvement beforehand.
  • May 5 - Details emerge about a terrorism dictionary the administration of President Barack Obama put together in March. The Domestic Extremism Lexicon calls pro-life advocates violent and claims they employ racist overtones in engaging in criminal actions.
  • May 8 - President Obama releases a new budget that allows the Legal Services Corporation to use tax dollars to pay for pro-abortion litigation.
  • May 8 - President Obama's new budget calls for taxpayer funded abortions in the nation's capital, and eliminates all federal funding for abstinence-only education.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Lies again.

Nancy Pelosi, under fire because the CIA released notes that she knew waterboarding was used, now is saying she didn't know, and the CIA is lying. The CIA has given proof of her knowledge, now it's up to her to prove she didn't know. Her mind has been going for years so that won't help her.

She claims that the Democrats tried to stop waterboarding. Wait a minute! I thought she said she didn't know anything about use of waterboarding, and then she turns right around and says the Democrats tried to stop waterboard. You can't have both!

Isn't it interesting that waterboarding wasn't banned until Obama took office? If the Democrats were so against waterboarding, why didn't they ban it 2 years ago when they took over the majority in both houses of congress?

One thing you can always count on from a Democrat in office, is lies that are obvious. They get away with it because of the media love with the Democrat party. If the MSM reported 100% of what the Democrats did, there wouldn't be many in congress, let alone having an know-nothing president.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nancy Pelosi to be investigated

Surprising, but nothing will come of it. The house will investigate Nancy Pelosi and the information she received about waterboarding. It has been proven that she knew waterboard was going to take place, and even later she was told it had taken place. She never said anything against it.

Now she is the one raising the most STINK to try officials that allowed it to happen.

AP story

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Donald lets Carrie Prejean retain her title

While the Miss California officials complained about Carrie's views on homosexual marriage, Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss America trademark, including Miss California, didn't let flow the bullcrap that the California people said. He said her crown was at stake for her views, not that she posed in pictures like many other candidates and winners had posed before. He said there is no reason to remove her, as she has the same views as President Obama.

So I looked up Obama's views, and sure enough he's a bigoted homophobe as well. Isn't it strange that Mario Lavandeira, homosexual groups, and many Californians aren't up in arms about him? I guess that queers are OK with bigoted homophobes making policy and running the country for them, but they don't want no beauty queens to have those views. They want to save the bigoted views for themselves, especially about being a queen.

Some Notre Dame students will miss their graduation because of Obama

Now there is another good reason for Obama not to speak at Notre Dame. Some students will not attend their own graduation because he will be there. Now a normal person, as the press wants us to believe The One is, would back out to let those students attend, but will he? Never! He is so into himself, like the press is, that he will put himself ahead of them.

Oprah goes anti-Obama and says she loves her private jet.

“It’s great to have a nice home. It’s great to have nice homes! It’s great to have a nice home that just escaped the fire in Santa Barbara,” she said. “It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”

"Screw you!" she is saying to the Oprah fans.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama porkulus money not going to places that need it the most

A new AP article reported they have been tracking where Obama's porkulus money is going. It's not going to counties that need it the most. The highest amount of money is going to counties with the lowest unemployment rate. It's because the Obama tax-cheater administration has a requirement that jobs must be shovel-ready to receive the porkulus money. However the counties with the highest unemployment, just happen to be the counties that were cash-strapped in the first place, so they did not have projects planned like other counties with almost full employment. Once again another Obama plan has failed.

One fault I found in the AP article was where it said, "Obama kept his promise to Elkhart, which so far is expected to receive $13.7 million, and Peoria, which should receive at least $10.6 million."

However the money coming here to Elkhart is going to projects that make no sense whatsoever. They are going to repave a runway at the Elkhart airport to the tune of $4 million that was just paved 10 years ago. This minor airport has no commercial carriers, so basically it will benefit the rich, which we've always been told that the Democrats are for the poor. No new jobs will be created. More money will be used to buy up abandon foreclosed homes in Elkhart. I haven't really figured out how that will do anything for the job situation. I suppose a few jobs might be saved because people will be needed to fix up these homes, then when they are done, those homes will sit empty since there is no market for homes in Elkhart. The city would have to give these homes away and they say they want to make money on them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama at the National Press Club banquet:

"Most of you covered me; all of you voted for me. Apologies to the Fox table."

Obama laughs at joke that Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail

At the National Press Club, Wanda Sykes was complaining that Rush Limbaugh committed treason by saying he wanted Obama's policies to fail. Then she said that she hoped Rush Limbaugh's kidneys failed. In the video, Obama very clearly was laughing about it.

Let's look at this: Rush says, as a conservative, that he does hopes Obama's socialist agenda fails.

Then a person, a supposed comedian, says she hopes Limbaugh's kidneys fail, and all present, including Obama, yuck it up.

Tell me which one is the sickest.
"Rush Limbaugh, I hope the country fails, I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? He needs a good waterboarding, that's what he needs." Obama seemed to think this bit was pretty hilarious, grinning and chuckling and turning to share the "joke" with the person sitting on his right.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Michelle Obama is just a normal woman.

"Everyone should have a chief of staff and a set of personal assistants," Michelle Obama said with a laugh as she spoke before a crowd of business executives meeting today during a "Corporate Voices for Working Families" conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

Hmmm. Why don't they?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another top Democrat, at their best

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former Democratic Party fundraiser whose arrest in 2007 prompted Hillary Clinton to return $850,000 in campaign contributions, pleaded guilty on Thursday to fraud charges in an investment scheme.

Norman Hsu, who was sentenced to three years in prison by a California state judge in January 2008, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to charges of mail fraud and wire fraud in running a Ponzi scheme of up to $60 million.

"I knew what I was doing was illegal," Hsu, 58, said in the hearing in Manhattan federal court. In addition to the California sentence, he faces at least 30 years in prison.

Look out tax cheats!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama proposed on Thursday nearly doubling funds to enforce U.S. tax laws next year, with an aim of more than quadrupling funding for tax compliance to $2.1 billion within five years.

I'm assuming that Obama is doing this to look for more administration personnel?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, it's like I said, John Edwards is a big jerk Democrat

Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Edwards. She said, "I've seen a picture of the baby. I have no idea. It doesn't look like my children but I don't have any idea."

Winfrey asked Edwards directly whether she's still in love with her husband.
"You know, that's a complicated question," she said.

As she revealed in her memoir, Elizabeth Edwards told Winfrey she specifically requested fidelity from her husband when they married. "I wanted him to be faithful to me - it was enormously important to me," she said.

I can't for the life of me see why she would stay with this Democrat, I mean guy.

Remember that this is the guy that was wanting to be the V.P., even though he had already committed adultery.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The genius president strike again

I guess this is because he wasn't using his teleprompter, but the person that voters and media call possible the smartest president ever couldn't even get 3 simple Spanish words right. Most grade school children can even say these words. Cinco de Mayo. However President Odumba said, "Cinco de Cuatro."

In a related note, Obama's voter registration arm, ACORN, was charged in Nevada with registration fraud. It's time to end paying people to sign up voters. The few people that ACORN sign up legally are not the type that normally would know anything about politics and how the country is run. It's no wonder we have the president we have now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

NY Times publishes article saying Obama was a law professor. LIE!

NYT Article

Even the left-leaning wikipedia says he was not a professor. Heck, he even let his law license expire in 2002.

WH Reporters Stand For Obama, But Not For Bush?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


The U.S. death toll for April rose to 18, the military said Friday, making it the deadliest in seven months for American forces in Iraq. The sharp increase from the previous month came as a series of bombings also pushed Iraqi deaths to their highest level this year.

I wonder if you can figure out why the toll is going up now?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, Thursday said, "I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now."

Friday he hopped a train home.