Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Donald lets Carrie Prejean retain her title

While the Miss California officials complained about Carrie's views on homosexual marriage, Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss America trademark, including Miss California, didn't let flow the bullcrap that the California people said. He said her crown was at stake for her views, not that she posed in pictures like many other candidates and winners had posed before. He said there is no reason to remove her, as she has the same views as President Obama.

So I looked up Obama's views, and sure enough he's a bigoted homophobe as well. Isn't it strange that Mario Lavandeira, homosexual groups, and many Californians aren't up in arms about him? I guess that queers are OK with bigoted homophobes making policy and running the country for them, but they don't want no beauty queens to have those views. They want to save the bigoted views for themselves, especially about being a queen.

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