Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama for the poor, by raising car prices by an averageof $1300

Obama is raising fuel efficiencies standards to combat human caused global warming, which except for the non-scientist Al Gore, all other scientists know to be a hoax. This is just another way to control us.

Obama claims you will save $2800 in fuel costs over the life of the car. So when you compare cars, do you look into how much you would save buying one or the other? Or do you buy a car because it looks good or has what you need?

Just remember who was working for you in the 2010 and 2012 elections. Was it the Democrats, who forced prices of everything higher? Who was it that tripled the budget deficit in 3 months, claiming that his first 100 days were great? Remember when you vote. Remember who, by his voting record, has shown he has no problem with completely open abortions, done for any reason, at any time before actual birth. Remember who called Sarah Palin a pig in lipstick. Remember who bowed to a Saudi King. Remember who gave the queen of England an Ipod loaded with his speeches. Remember who got no help for the escalating war in Afghanistan. Remember who hired multiple lobbyists to his administration, when he promised not to. Remember who nominated tax-dodgers to his administration. Remember who is supposed to be the smartest president, and after 100 days had made more mistakes than any previous president did in 8 years.

And worst of all, Joe Biden. This man couldn't get elected on his own. Polling shows that Biden didn't help Obama win by even 1 vote. Some moderates didn't vote for him because of Biden. However when Sarah Palin was brought on board the McCain campaign, his poll numbers beat out Obama's for the first time.

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