Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rush Lmbaugh Mentions Elkhart.

Also faring poorly were Merced, Calif., with 20.4 percent, Yuba City, Calif., with 19.5 percent, and Goshen, Ind., with 18.8 percent. The area around Goshen and Elkhart, Ind., also saw the largest unemployment increase from February to March with an increase of a staggering 13 percent." Now, Elkhart is RV capital of the world, and Obama went there. Now, he must not know. I'm sure the people in El Centro, California, I'm sure they're just saying, "We're not that high on his priority list, he's doing everything he can." I thought we stimulated the economy, all last year, first part of this year, all kinds of stimulus, folks, and the unemployment numbers just keep rising. I mean, skyrocketing, 25% in El Centro, California.

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