Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama scares NYC. Could anyone be so dumb?

In a 'mistake'(?), The Blessed One had Air Farce One fly low over New York City with a fighter in tow. 1000's of workers near ground zero reportedly called 911, jammed stairways of high-rises, and otherwise ran for cover as the Messiah conveniently 'forgot' to tell anyone. They decided not to inform the FAA. In reality they were taking pics of Air Farce One near the Statue of Liberty. The presidunce just decided that no one needed to know. NYC residents already are tanked for Democrats so The One didn't care what they thought.

Some of the reports:
Workers Scared

Mayor Bloomberg was furious.

People running thru the streets.


Put city on edge.

Dumb move by Obama admin.

White House apologizes for The Idiot.

Remember, according to those close to HIM, he's so smart he probably is a genius.

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