Monday, June 29, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor is found to racist, again.

Obama the Magnificent (more commonly called the "bonehead," mostly by other countries' heads of state, recently nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Before today, she had had 3 out of 5 cases overturned by the Supreme Court. Today she goes 4 for 6. Not so good for one that says she is smarter than old white guy judges. It's no wonder the Democrats want her as a judge as they are looking for those that will change the laws, not just interpret them.

Then the crazy Obama spun this around. He said it proves she's not a racist. The case was about white firefighters that complained they didn't get promotions, because the test they were given was somehow anti-black and anti-minority. Only white guys got high enough scores to be promoted, so the city they worked for thru out the tests. The test has not been made public. I wonder what the questions were?

1. Who was the head of the KKK in 1970?

a. Some guy
b. some person
c. some human
d. some racist, old, white, pig, jerk, a-hole, whitey, honky guy.

2. Who makes a better Supreme Court Judge?

a. An old white guy
b. An old white woman
c. a male
d. a female Puerto Rican

3. When fighting a fire, who do you rescue first?

a. An old white guy
b. a dog
c. a cat
d. A female Puerto Rican Judge

Anyway, despite Obama the dumbificent, this ruling against her ruling shows she's even more racist that we though.

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